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What are the benefits?

  • Distance training is more affordable than one on one sessions in the gym. This would also  save you a gym membership fee. 

  • It will save you time - you won't need to leave your house and you could train in your pyjamas. 

  • It is virus and bacteria-free as there isn't any human contact.  Stay away Covid-19!

How much does it cost?

Single session £34

5 sessions £165

10 sessions £320

I'd like to get started...

Book your initial session which contains a consultation and movement screening (if you are a new client) ​emailing me

How does Online Personal Training work?

During these crazy times I have decided to launch a distant training and help clients to carry on with their training and achieving goalsContinuous training would help you not only to stay fit but also boost your immune system. 


In order to have a great and challenging workout you don't necessarily need to leave your house. What you need is a personalised training programme and correct form. That's where my expertise comes to help you. 


Our sessions would last 45 minutes and you would have all my attention over Skype, Facetime or Whatsapp.


Depending on your training goals you might need to get some resistance bands and a mat. But that's pretty much it.


My virtual training is very different from from following random Youtube videos or getting a generalised training programme from the internet. You will be sure that the training programme is designed for you and your form is 100 percent. I will help you stay focused and motivated in your fitness journey. 

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